Print-quality checklist

Print-quality checklist

General print-quality problems can be solved by using the following checklist:

Make sure the shipping locks have been removed from the transfer roller inside the rear door.
Make sure that the paper or print media that you are using meets specifications. Generally, smoother paper provides better results.
If you are using a special print media such as labels, transparencies, glossy, or letterhead, ensure that you have printed by type.
Print a Configuration page and Supplies status page. See Information pages.

Check the Supplies status page to see if any supplies are low or have reached their estimated end of life. No information is provided for non-HP print cartridges.

If the pages do not print correctly, the problem is with the hardware. Contact HP Customer Care. See Service and support or the flyer that came in the box.
Print a Demo page from HP ToolboxFX. If the page prints, the problem is with the printer driver.
Try printing from a different program. If the page prints correctly, the problem is with the program from which you were printing.
Restart the computer and the product and try printing again. If the problem is not resolved, choose one of these options:

If the problem is affecting all printed pages, see General print quality issues.

If the problem is affecting only pages printed in color, see Solve issues with color documents.
HP Color Laserjet CP2020 Print-quality checklist