Select the correct printer driver for Windows

Select the correct printer driver for Windows

Printer drivers provide access to the product features and allow the computer to communicate with the product (using a printer language). Check the installation notes and readme files on the device CD for additional software and languages.

HP PCL 6 driver description

Recommended for printing in all Windows environments

Provides the overall best speed, print quality, and product-feature support for most users

Developed to align with the Windows Graphic Device Interface (GDI) for the best speed in Windows environments

Might not be fully compatible with third-party and custom software programs that are based on PCL 5
HP Universal Print Driver for Windows – Postscript description

Recommended for printing with Adobe® software programs or with other highly graphics-intensive software programs

Provides support for printing from Postscript needs

Performs slightly faster than the PCL 6 driver when using Adobe software programs
HP Color Laserjet CP2020 Select the correct printer driver for Windows